Warehouse & Locations

Aletek offers strategically placed offices and warehouses in the following locations:

·      Bundaberg, QLD (Head Office & Manufacturing)

·      Mackay, QLD (Dispatch & Warehouse)

·      Rutherford, NSW (State Office & Warehouse)

·      Melbourne, VIC (State Office & Warehouse)

·      Perth, WA (State Office & Warehouse)

 All our branches are complete with nationwide onsite support and project management capabilities and is available 24/7 for all site audits and installation requests.

To compliment its complete range of products, Aletek stores stock of high-volume parts for ease of ordering. Aletek prides itself on its exceptional customer service, and if we receive an order and have product in stock, we provide same day dispatch.

When clients invest in Aletek’s quality products, they not only invest in a product engineered and manufactured to the highest possible standards, but a long-term commitment from the company to provide the best service and support.


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