Flow Through Diesel Particulate Filter

The Aletek partial filter, also known as the 'flow through filter' provides effective removal of diesel particulate matter and offers lower backpressures than wall flow filters

Flow Through Particulate Filters

This filter can be used in most aboveground diesel engine applications. It is ideal for retrofit on most diesel engines where diesel particulate filters are unsuitable, including light duty cycle, older and two stroke engines. The partial filter guarantees fault free engine performance as it consists of an open channel structure that cannot easily become blocked

The advantages of Aletek's Flow Through Filters are:

  • Reduces up to 60% diesel particulate matter (DPM)
  • Looks, installs and operates like a conventional diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Does not clog or accumulate soot particles
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Achieves backpressure of less than 20 inches wc (5KPa), meeting many off-highway engine manufacturers exhaust system limits
  • Attains high conversion efficiency for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter
  • Improves sound attenuation (equivalent or superior to the original muffler)

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