Effective Fire Mitigation

Protecting Mining Assets & Crews

Comply with Safety & Fire Standards

Easy to Install & Maintain

Shielding extreme-heated engine and exhaust parts with Aletek thermal insulation blankets provides effective fire mitigation for mining assets while improving crew safety.




Thermal insulation blankets create a physical barrier between superheated engine parts and flammable hazards. To prevent engine fires, cover these components with thermal blankets. You can think of blankets as your fleet’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Blanket upgrades for Caterpillar

Protect your Caterpillar machines from fire with Aletek blanket kits. We cover many assets, including dozers, excavators, and haul trucks.

Replacement blankets for Hitachi

We tailor blanket packages to suit Hitachi excavators and haul trucks. Our Australian-made blankets will safeguard your crew and assets.

Blanket upgrades for Komatsu

Shield your superheated Komatsu engine parts with Aletek blankets. Our thermal insulation solutions cover diggers, dozers, trucks and loaders.


Our bespoke blankets protect Liebherr equipment from exhaust-related fires. Aletek blankets can also protect crews during servicing.

New Assets, Rebuilds and Replacements

Exhaust blanket packages and kits

Complete packages or group-based kits

Aletek blankets are available as a full-engine package or in groups. Complete kits are ideal for engine rebuild projects or safeguarding newly acquired assets. Our insulation cover groups enable deployment in stages, such as turbo and manifold implementation. Ordering in groups is ideal for replacing damaged blanket sections.

As listed below, we offer several blanket cover groups depending on engine configuration.

Heat-critical component blanket kits

  • Manifold shielding
  • Turbo lagging
  • Turbo wastegate covers (dozers)
  • Junction insulation

Proximity and radiant heat blanket kits

  • Engine pipes and exhaust lagging
  • Bellow covers
  • Mufflers and tailpipe blankets
  • Firewall shielding (excavators)

Monitoring and maintaining exhaust blankets

A thermal blanket, like car tyres, needs periodic inspection, adjustment, and replacement when excessively worn. We have created a scheduled maintenance checklist to help prevent engine fires and maximise blanket life. For an effective protective barrier, review blanket coverage and integrity on an ongoing basis.

Australian-made for your mining fleet

Do you need to consider a low-cost blanket protective measure to protect your multi-million dollar fleet? Our blankets are premium Australian-made products supported by our expertise in design and production. Depending on your fleet, we can stock essential blanket kits to reduce downtime.

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