To maintain an effective fire mitigation strategy, it is vital to monitor and maintain thermal insulation blankets actively.

Replacement of damaged and defective or unlagged engine and exhaust components should be remedied promptly to mitigate fire risks.

Aletek can provide you with a Site Audit Report for engine condition that will highlight items such as fitment issues, damaged and missing blankets, and engine/exhaust component issues like oil leaks. Our reports feature photos for each asset along with condition reports and recommendations to fix or replace thermal blankets and engine pipe issues.

Prevent avoidable equipment fires onsite

These Site Audit Reports will improve your fleet’s safety, help prevent future avoidable equipment fires, and assist with scheduled maintenance planning. We include a Proposal document to support your maintenance team with budgeting and implementation of our recommendations.

To learn more about the strategic benefits and safety benefits offered by our Site Audit Reports, please speak with your Account Manager. Improving the safety of your mobile mining fleet and assisting with your scheduled maintenance is all part of the Aletek Advantage.

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