It’s no secret that fire prevention is serious business for mine sites. The damage caused by a fire can have a high financial cost, cause delays and further financial loss to operations, and most importantly, create significant risk for workers.

A crucial part of our mission at Aletek is to help prevent engine-related fires and mitigate these risks. In the first of our new series on fire prevention, let’s start with the basics.

The fire triangle is a simple model and consists of three ingredients required to cause a fire. As you’re probably well aware, these elements are heat, fuel and oxygen. Aletek products help break this triangle by separating fuel and heat sources in an aim to mitigate the risk of fire by contact between the two elements through the application of a physical barrier.

Our thermal insulation blankets and dual-walled exhaust systems provide a tailor-made and fit for purpose product. These products are easy and safe to fit and remove, have zero hot-spots and these designs offer ample protection and longevity for your people, plant and equipment.

Next, we’ll discuss our thermal insulation blankets and learnings from the two major stages of our product iterations.

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