What is your thermal blanket configuration for fire mitigation? Turbo and manifold? Manifold and engine pipes? Let us reveal why a more strategic approach is vital.

It is imperative to designate heat-critical blankets for a variety of assets (trucks, excavators, dozers, etc.) in your fire mitigation strategy. Plan your fire mitigation strategy around considerations like fuel sources, potential ignition points, and radiant heat areas.

Under full load conditions, the engine manifold can reach temperatures of up to 450°C (varies between engine types). A manifold is usually the hottest part of the engine. Temperatures on engine surfaces are higher than the ignition points of oils and liquids. With manifolds, this risk multiplies because of the limited clearance and airflow.

When trucks are hauling into or out of a pit, turbochargers operate at high temperatures, especially when under constant load. Frequently, manifold outer surfaces have significantly higher temperatures than fuel flashpoint ratings. The location of turbos can even increase the risk, as they may be exposed to nearby hose breakages or fluid leaks.

We encourage a strategic investment in thermal blankets so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of fire. Equipment and parts aren’t the only cost of a fire. It comes down to worker safety and avoiding the bad reputation and criticism that equipment fires can attract. 

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