When should you replace thermal insulation blankets? In a nutshell, when a blanket can no longer serve its intended purpose it should be replaced.

These examples should be replaced due to fire damage (photo 1) and oil contamination (photo 2). Poor-fitting blankets should be rectified or replaced to eliminate excessive gaps (photo 3).

Service Checklist – Monthly

Aletek recommends a visual condition inspection monthly as part of your ongoing fire mitigation strategy.

  • Examine thermal blankets for damage
  • Inspect blankets for the presence of flammable fluids
  • Ensure a snug fitment is in place and maximise coverage of blankets
  • Check blanket sections overlap to prevent fluids leaking into lower section (consider gravity, upper sections should overlap lower sections)
  • Ensure all springs are connected and tie-wires secured
  • Take condition report photos of the blankets

Service Actions

  • Damaged sections should be replaced
  • Assess contaminated sections (by flammable fluids) – clean or replace
  • Refit loose blankets and maximise coverage of blankets
  • Connect disconnected springs, replace broken or missing springs

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