Here are more examples of thermal blankets that need replacing.

These issues include excessive wear (photo 1), damage from walking on blankets (photo 3), and soaked in oil/fluid (photo 4). Issues such as soot build-up (photo 2) and poor or incorrect fitment (photo 5) should be rectified or replaced.

Maintenance best practises

  • Avoid walking on or applying excess pressure to fitted blankets, as sharp points underneath may pierce through
  • Ensure adequate clearance around fitted blankets to avoid premature wear (e.g. engine bay doors closing on blankets, hoses rubbing on blankets)
  • High pressure cleaners may cause surface damage to thermal blankets
  • Report any spillages of oil or grease during servicing and maintenance
  • Caution: Avoid starting machines with wet thermal blankets as excessive steam may appear and create the false illusion of an engine fire
  • Avoid cleaning blankets with degreasers as some may have flammable properties
  • Some chemicals may damage blankets and could pose a fire hazard

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