Meet Shane Lotz, Aletek’s happy-go-lucky Leading Hand for our exhaust production team. Shane, or Lotzy as he’s affectionately known, takes pride in being our workshop supervisor and is often the first one there and the last to leave. He ensures jobs run smoothly, are finished on time, and get out the door to keep our customers happy. With 15 year’s experience as a boilermaker, he’s no stranger to the tools.

Lotzy is big on team spirit and brings the love to the team! As a family-owned business, he’s very much a part of the family. With almost 6-years at Aletek, he’s seen a lot of change and growth for our business. From working under a gazebo outdoors in the early days with a small team, to leading a winning team in a premium facility, he’s been actively involved in our journey. In Lotzy’s words “We’ve got a premium quality product, and we’re always trying to do better. Our core values drive us.”

Outside of work Lotzy is a family man and loves the gym and his sports. You may have guessed from the photo that Lotzy is a bit of a fan of Snap-on tools. The Lotz-on spinoff sign seemed appropriate, besides who doesn’t like a bit of low-level office humour.

Lotzy, you’re an Aletek legend! We love your work.

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