We’re committed to improving fire mitigation for mine fleets. ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’, as the old saying goes. The same applies when wanting to protect against fires but disregarding the importance of thermal blankets.

A blanket specification should be developed for mine sites so extreme-heated engine components can be isolated from flammable liquids and the outer surfaces of the components can be reduced below the fuel flashpoint.

It’s possible that some sites pursue cost-saving measures and maintaining a standard can lead to relaxed blanket specifications. For example, blankets might be specified for turbos and manifolds but deemed unnecessary for engine pipes and mufflers.

In the same way, thermal blankets may be considered as ‘good condition’ when they actually need to be replaced. In some cases, this condition misconception may be a misguiding lead indicator in the reduction of fire incidents, and the impact of such decisions may not be evident instantly.

Is your thermal blanket specification for your fleet up to scratch?

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