Blankets are all about risk mitigation! Here are some thoughts from our Operations Manager Peter Churchill.

“We all find ourselves falling into the ‘we can save money’ trap. Cheap blankets work until they break or deteriorate, then you discard them and must reinvest again. We see first-hand, all around the world, that there is something to prevent, along with that lack of prevention costs.

How many of us have only third-party insurance on our cars? Not many, as the potential consequences far out-way the costs.

This is a dangerous game with fire mitigation, we believe that if we can assist you to prevent one minor fire event per year the blankets have paid for themselves.

There are countless sources of fuel in an engine enclosure, nobody can tell you what will fail and when. Any part in an engine enclosure can ignite at any point in time. But with thermal blankets fitted, the overall engine bay temperature is minimised, and the deterioration of parts in the engine enclosure is reduced as well! We can and want to stand between you and a potentially major event, but only if you let us.”

Contact the team at Aletek for a healthy conversation on fire mitigation to safeguard your fleet and boost onsite productivity.

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