Here are some insights behind some of our innovative design features for our thermal blankets. In Part 5 of our series on fire prevention, we’ll detail how these innovations combine to help prevent engine-related fires and mitigate these risks.

These photos illustrate our innovative design features as follows:

1. Lobster-back design (less blanket pieces):

  • Eliminates fitment error (parts fit one way)
  • Reduced overall fitment/removal times

2. Wastegate cover eliminates heat transfer and hot spots during thermography testing:

  • To inspect turbo wastegate remove springs
  • Turbo flap draw-ropes to remove hot spots

3. Fish scale design ensures all pieces overlap those in a position prone to effects from gravity:

Ensures liquids/fluid/debris runs off product removing seepage and potential ignition

4. Sewn collars on all inter-part connections:

  • Manifold to turbo
  • Turbo to engine pipe
  • Engine pipe to muffler
  • Muffler to tailpipe
  • Ensures no hot spots and potential ignition sources

Next, we’ll wrap up our series with dual-skinned exhausts which have an insulated outside surface to bring exhaust surface temperatures below the fuel flashpoint.

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